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"Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear."

-Tony Robbins

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How It Works

Yoga for Self-Awareness and Inner Healing is designed for those that need to get out of their own way and discover what true inner healing, peace, and happiness feels like!

*My program offers the tools to live the life you want and to let go of the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that have been holding you back. 

*This transformative yoga program is all online, so you can access it from anywhere you choose!

*It is for 12-weeks and is designed for each client based on your needs.

Be free from fear, stress, and doubt!

*Live your best life, the life you deserve!*

Home: How It Works

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If stress, lack of motivation, or feeling stuck has been a problem for you then this program offers the tools for you!

Not Just Yoga!

Yoga Flows

Customized Yoga Flows related to the topic of the week. 12 Yoga Flows plus additional yoga and shavasana videos!

Mindfulness Exercises

Through the practice of yoga, mindfulness helps  Mindfulness exercises & challenges designed for you to practice being present and living in the moment.

Goal Centered

Not just yoga! This program offers a goal centered, vision based guide for you to reaching your goals and eliminate those disempowering limiting beliefs!

 Meditation Practices

I offer what it means to meditate, the benefits, and easy instructions on how to meditate.

Coaching calls with me!

Our calls will help guide you to reach your ultimate goal! Schedule 3-6 one-on-one calls with me!

Support 24/7

You are NOT alone on this journey! Once you commit to the program, you will have access to our private, supportive Facebook Group!

Step-by-step guide!

My program is designed for each person based on their needs/goals and healing! I provide step by step instructions on how to make your goals/dreams possible!

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

And step in to your true self! Redirect your power/your energy and unleash the power within! All of your answers lie within, we can get so lost, so distracted that we forget who we really are or what we really want. Find yourself, find your power, and become unstoppable!

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